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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very effective way of advertising on the Internet at a very low cost. Database quality, objective identification and a well planned message are all key to the success of emailing.

Email marketing has been characterized as a low-cost way to advertise online. It is important to note that emailing involves many regulations that must be followed to avoid having your messages and company be flagged as spam.

Our service includes:
  • Designing an attractive email in HTML.
  • Optimization of your overall message.
  • Targeting an audience and email contacts administration.
  • Setting up and sending the message through our proven software.
  • Post sending statistics reporting including: clicks, views, forwards and more.
  • Results interpretation.
Key objectives for our clients
  • Increasing sales and contacts through emailing campaign.
  • Generating more site traffic and achieve new sales leads every day.
  • Obtaining measurable information about target markets through detailed analytical reports.
  • Creating brand awareness with periodical emailing.

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